Theo Romain
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In Time, On Time, Out of Time

Exposition collective
Commissariat : Pheobe Clarke et Tessa Beale
PS Artspace, Fremantle, Perth (AUS)
Du 10 février au 05 mars 2023.

This new group exhibition curated by Pheobe Clarke and Tessa Beale centres around time : formative times, time lost, time spent looking and working closely with materials and time-based processes. We have sought out artists who interrogate these ideas or make work related to managing time, recording time and artworks that are inherently time-based.

The exhibition opens on Friday 10th February at 6.30pm and run until the 5th March. The show will be open from 10am to 5pm on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and between 12pm and 6pm on Thursday and Friday.

Alongside the exhibition will be an accompanying public programm which will include an artist talk, panel discussion and workshops as well as screening and performance events.

The exhibiting artists are : Bruno Booth (WA), Bina Butcher (WA), Manon Thirriot (FR), Theo Romain-Sobota (FR), Michael Sandford (VIC) and Phoebe Clarke (WA), Tessa Beale (WA) and Oliver Hull (WA), Harriet Body (ACT), Lee Henderson (CA) and Agatha Gothe-Snape (NSW).

Photographer: Dan McCabe